Board of Directors

GCNA Board of Directors

President:                           Geraldine Pangrac (3/19)

Vice President:                   Judy Beeler (3/18)                

Secretary:                           Lynn Lotas (3/18)

Treasurer:                           Barb Daly (3/19)

Administration:                  Ildiko Yuryev (3/19)      

Administration:                  David Foley (3/18)

Education:                          Betty Freund (3/19)                                 

Education:                          Dorothy Hamilton (3/18)

At-Large:                             Clare Keiser (3/19)

At-Large                              Michelle Slater (3/18)

Staff  Nurse:                        Mary Louise Tatum (3/19)

Staff Nurse:                         Amanda Thomas (3/18)


Jeff Groth

Greater Cleveland Nurses Association

W: 216-771-6922216-771-6922

FAX: 440-322-3466 or


  • transact the business of the Association between meetings.
  • establish major administrative policies governing the affairs of the Association and devise, coordinate and supervise measures for the Association's growth and development.
  • exercise all powers of the Association not reserved in the Bylaws to the voting body, the officers, and/or other units of the Association.
  • provide for such work of the officers and committees as may be deemed expedient; provide for the proper care of materials, equipment, and funds of the Association, for the
  • payment of legitimate expenses, for the annual auditing or reviewing of all books of account by a certified public accountant, and for the investment of funds of the Association.
  • appoint an Executive Director, define the duties and fix the compensation for such position.
  • Establish, review and update changes regarding personnel policies, job descriptions and salaries.
  • appoint committees, task forces and ad hoc groups unless otherwise specified in the Bylaws, and coordinate their activities.
  • make all other appointments not otherwise provided for and fill vacancies as necessary and as provided for in these Bylaws.
  • determine the date and place of each meeting of the Association and of the Board of Directors.
  • provide for the establishment and dissolution of organized clinical, occupational and special interest units, considering such recommendations as may come form the members.
  • approve fund raising activity prior to the initiation of same by any unit of the Association.
  • provide for representation at meetings of voluntary organizations, public or governmental agencies upon request or as deemed appropriate.
  • report to the Association membership at each regular meeting the business transacted between meetings.
Contact the GCNA office for meeting locations and dates at 216-771-6922216-771-6922 or