Considerations for RN to BSN

As a branch of the Ohio Nurse’s Association (ONA), Greater Cleveland Nurse’s Association (GCNA) supports the U.S. Institute of Medicine’s (2011) report: “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change ,Advancing Health.” One section of this landmark report requests that at least 80% of Registered Nurses in the United States possess a BSN degree by the year 2020.

In order to meet this goal, many hospitals in Northeastern Ohio have begun to require newly hired RNs without Bachelor’s Degrees to sign contracts that they will obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing within five years of hire, while others will not even hire an RN without a Bachelor’s Degree. GCNA members would like to provide support to any fellow RNs who may be faced with the decision to return to school for a BSN degree.

We realize that many nurses have to juggle family, work, and school among other important obligations while trying to pursue further education. To this end, we have compiled a list of thoughtful questions and considerations that an RN returning to school should review while making the decision to return to school. If you are considering obtaining your BSN, our hope is that these questions will assist you in preparing to return to school and choosing the correct program for you.

These considerations are divided into four categories and they are related to timing, finances, education, skills and personal support. You may want to print this document and use it as a guide when you are interviewing potential programs.

Download Careful Considerations for an RN Choosing to Return to School for a BSN Degree