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Ohio currently has three confirmed cases of the Coronavirus (all in Cuyahoga County) and 15 potential cases are under surveillance. The WHO reports COVID-19 is now a pandemic.

Ohio Nurses Calling for Five Efforts to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 11, 2020 Ohio nurses are advising the following actions to be taken in an effort to increase the likelihood of COVID-19 testing, reduce further contamination and curb public panic:

1) Enhance Transparency and Communication between health facilities and workers,

2) Protect workers, including those with little to no paid time off,

3) Allow no-cost testing and telemedicine,

4) Continue public education, including the importance of conserving medical equipment, and

5) Suspend non-essential large gatherings of healthcare workers.

The Ohio Nurses Association has suspended all in-person events in March 2020 and will continue to evaluate future programing as the situation develops. It’s of utmost importance that we protect the health of Ohio’s frontline healthcare workers by forgoing non-essential large in-person meetings.

For Information from the CDC and Ohio Department of Health https://ohnurses.org/coronavirus/

  Ohio Department of Health updates are posted daily after 2PM at https://odh.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/odh/know-our-programs/Novel-Coronavirus/2019-nCoV

ODH 24-hour Hotline 833-4-ASKODH

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