AACN Clinical Issues: Advanced Practice in Acute and Critical Care
AACN Clinical Issues provides a complete and practical source of clinical information for advanced practice nurses caring for acutely ill patients. Each peer-reviewed issue contains ten to twenty articles grouped around one or two current topics, written and guest edited by the recognized authorities in each area. This series provides clinical information that nurses can put to use immediately in their management of patients.

American Journal of Nursing (AJN)
The Official Journal of the American Nurses Association. The premier professional journal for today’s nurse, the American Journal of Nursing provides comprehensive and in-depth information to help nurses stay current in their profession. Content includes practical, hands-on clinical articles on essential topics, vital information on drugs, trends in nursing, legal advice and more. Cutting-edge features and departments include Med Errors, Pain Control, Clinical News, Emergency, and Clinical Snapshot. Plus, each issue carries two or more self-study articles for ANCC-approved CEUs. Presented in a lively, fast-read format with vivid photographs and illustrations, AJN is the indispensable source for every practicing nurse.

Australian Electronic Journal of Nursing Education
The AEJNE is committed to enhancing the teaching learning experience across a variety of nurse contexts. The journal will be a means by which nurses can share findings, insights, experience and advice to colleagues involved in all aspects of the educational process.

Australian Journal of Holistic Nursing
A biannual publication of the School of Nursing and Health Care Practices, Southern Cross University, in association with the Australian College of Holistic Nurses Inc.

AWHONN Lifelines
Lippincott, the world’s leading publisher of nursing information, in partnership with AWHONN, the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses, is proud to announce a new and exciting AWHONN publication–AWHONN Lifelines. AWHONN Lifelines provides a refreshing look at practice management resources and industry trends in women’s health, obstetric and neonatal nursing, and brings these specialties to life in an easy-to-read, full-color format. Regular topics covered include cutting-edge treatments, ethical dilemmas, legal case studies, new products and technology, professional/personal strategies, shared women’s health experiences, association news and clinical tips beneficial in daily practice.

Cancer Nursing
Each bimonthly issue of Cancer Nursing addresses the whole spectrum of problems arising in the care and support of cancer patients–prevention and early detection, geriatric and pediatric cancer nursing, medical and surgical oncology, ambulatory care, nutritional support, psychosocial aspects of cancer, patient responses to all treatment modalities, and specific nursing interventions. The journal offers unparalleled coverage of cancer care delivery practices worldwide and of groundbreaking research findings and their practical applications.

Clinical Letter for Nurse Practitioners
The Clinical Letter for Nurse Practitioners offers benefits readers won’t find anywhere else. In addition to the latest clinical pearls in adult internal medicine, women’s health, pediatrics, and other areas, readers share the insight of the newsletter’s peer-review editorial board on infectious diseases (including care for HIV patients), the latest drug information and more.

Clinical Nurse Specialist, The Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice
This journal addresses the role of the advanced practical nurse as researcher, consultant, clinician, executive, and peer and patient educator–regardless of specialty. From defining and justifying the role of the clinical nurse specialist to examining new methods of cost-effectiveness, CNS: The Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice spans the field with original articles of the highest caliber. Special sections include legislative information, book reviews, announcements of professional programs, symposia, and classified advertisements.

Computers in Nursing
Computers in Nursing covers the application of computer technology to contemporary nursing practice, explaining the “how-to” and “why” at each step of the way. From the computer novice to experienced user, Computers in Nursing offers a complete package that delivers realistic solutions in high-quality, peer-reviewed articles. Readers discover how to use technology to save time and money, increase productivity, and improve communication. Departments and columns reexamine assumptions and analyze new trends.

Gastroenterology Nursing
The Official Journal of the Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates. Cover to cover, Gastroenterology Nursing delivers the information nurses need to stay ahead in this specialty. The journal keeps gastroenterology nurses and associates informed of the latest developments in techniques, equipment, diagnostics, and therapy. The only professional nursing journal covering this area, Gastroenterology Nursing is an invaluable resource for current SGNA guidelines, new GI procedures, pharmacology, career development, and certification review. Its lively editorial style and illustrations make the journal a pleasure to read and consult.

Home Healthcare Nurse
Home Healthcare Nurse
is the professional, contemporary journal serving the educational and communication needs of home care nurses. The journal is highly interactive and timely, focusing on the multidimensional, interdisciplinary and specialty practice areas of home care nursing. Peer-reviewed articles covering clinical, operational, and educational home care nursing issues are the core of the publication; plentiful columns and features focus on practical, up-to-date approaches to everyday situations, as well as analysis and interpretation of how healthcare trends affect the home care nurse’s practice.

Home Healthcare Nurse Manager
Home care managers in all areas of nursing will value this companion to Home Healthcare Nurse. It addresses the special needs and perspectives of the home care manager. Each issue contains material that assists the home care manager in effectively planning for the many changes facing home care. This concise journal-newsletter uses sidebars, bulleted lists, icons and more to enhance learning. Each issue features actual examples from programs that have been proven to work. Regular Departments provide helpful guidance for timely topics, including QI Corner, Signposts for Compliance, Programs That Work!, Managing Technology, Workday Solutions and more.

Internet Journal of Advanced Practice 
A peer reviewed journal. Electronic publication of original high-quality medical articles on the Internet to distribute knowledge and research results. Our goal is to publish high-quality and if possible, interactive and multimedia content on the web. 

Journal for Nurses in Staff Development (JNSD)
JNSD is the only peer-reviewed journal written by and for staff development specialists. Original articles focus on issues that impact staff development, as well as the latest innovations in education, research and technology: educating unlicensed assisting personnel; competence assessment; developing, implementing, and evaluating program effectiveness; computer-aided instruction; organization-wide approaches to meeting JCAHO standards. JNSD is the complete and current staff development resource.

Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation (NCR)
This is the only professional journal for cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation specialists. Dedicated to the improvement of multidisciplinary clinical practice, JCR provides high quality, current information to practitioners in the field. Original, peer-reviewed manuscripts cover all aspects of cardiac, peripheral vascular, and pulmonary rehabilitation. Editorial features include case reports, roundtables, regular nutrition updates, pharmacological reimbursement and management updates, media reviews, and abstract summaries of current literature.

Journal of Child and Family Nursing (JCFN)
JCFN will help pediatric nurses stay current with the latest knowledge on child health and illness from a variety of health profession journals. Apply new research results to practice after reading what experts in the field really think, and use JCFN’s comprehensive review articles to put the “state of the science” at your fingertips. Topics important to practice and research are amply covered: health promotion, acute illness, chronic illness, healthcare systems and professional issues. Special columns add value to every issue. Continuing Education Units are available in every issue.

Journal of Infusion Nursing
The only journal focusing exclusively on intravenous nursing therapy. Original articles provide the latest information on upgrading and implementing nursing skills and utilizing the latest equipment and techniques. Practical situations, protocols and problem-solving in areas of med-surg, critical care, oncology nursing and homecare are presented in a readable format to help intravenous nurses meet the increasing demands of their profession. This journal benefits all nurses involved in administering IV therapy to their patients.

Journal of Neonatal Nursing
The official journal of the Neonatal Nurses Association. The Journal of Neonatal Nursing is published six times each year and contains a wealth of essential information for any professional involved in the care of pre-term babies.

JONA, The Journal of Nursing Administration
JONA is the authoritative source of information on developments and advances in patient care leadership. Content is geared to top-level nurse executives and their immediate associates in hospital, community health, and ambulatory care environments. Practical, solution-oriented articles give the nurse executive the tools to excel in our changing health care system: leadership development; human, material, and financial resource management; staffing and scheduling systems. All articles are peer-reviewed, selected and developed with the guidance of a distinguished group of editorial advisors. A subscription to JONA now includes a new quarterly publication free of charge: JONA’s Healthcare Law, Ethics and Regulation. 

JOGNN, Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing
The leading publication by and for nurses caring for women, infants and their families, JOGNN keeps today’s professional completely up-to-date. Original, peer-reviewed articles provide the latest clinical information in women’s health nursing and perinatal care. JOGNN contributes to professional practice and research knowledge, providing timely information nurses, nurse practitioners, and other professionals can use immediately. Features like Principles and Practice, Clinical Studies, Case Reports and comprehensive reviews make JOGNN the most widely read journal in the field.

MCN, The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing
For over 20 years, MCN has provided authoritative, clinical information for seasoned and advanced practice nurses involved in maternity/prenatal, neonatal, pediatric and community health care. Presented in a reader-friendly writing style, MCN focuses on today’s major issues and high-priority problems in maternal/child nursing. It provides updates on disease and related care, ideas on health promotion, insights into patient and family behavior, discoveries in physiology and pathophysiology, and clinical investigations. MCN rounds out Lippincott’s presentation in women’s health and family nursing with extensive coverage of advanced practice healthcare issues relating to infants and young children.

Nurse Educator
Nurse Educator is the resource nursing faculty and in-service educators turn to for developments and innovations in nursing education. Articles cover the practice and theory of nursing education, including curriculum and program development, educational philosophy, teaching methods, instructional materials, testing and measurement, and administration. Readers develop results-oriented approaches for educating students in our changing healthcare system. Peer-reviewed articles outline the trends that are shaping the future of nursing education.

Nurse Week/Health Week
NurseWeek and HealthWeek are prestigious and respected magazines that reach more than 100,000 health professionals every other week. Founded by entrepreneurs Dennis and Cle Riordan, the magazines have been reporting on local, regional, and national issues for more than 10 years. They promote the value of nurses and allied health professionals by maintaining a forum for the exchange of information and ideas.

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Nursing Case Management
This practical and timely new journal is by and for case managers in hospitals and other healthcare delivery settings. Nursing Case Management features best practices and industry benchmarks for the professional nurse case manager focused on coordination of patient care, efficient use of resources, improving the quality of care, data and outcomes analysis, and patient advocacy. Nursing Case Management provides immediately useful, hands-on information for the day-to-day management of the patient care process.

Nursing Research
A sought-after reference source for nurse researchers, clinicians, practitioners, educators, and students, Nursing Research is a well-respected forum. Each issue highlights the latest research, qualitative and quantitative studies, state-of-the-art methodology strategies not yet found in textbooks, new computer techniques, commentaries, briefs, and more. Special departments include Calendar of Events and Researcher’s Bookshelf.

Nursing Standard OnLine
Nursing Standard Online
gives you a selection of articles and abstracts from this week’s issue of Nursing Standard.

Nutrition Today
utrition Today helps nutrition professionals clear a pathway through today’s maze of fad diets and cure-all claims. An established journal, it publishes articles by leading nutritionists and scientists who endorse scientifically sound food, diet, and nutritional practices. Lively, informative articles cover the most current and controversial topics, such as the role of dietary fiber in cancer, as well as news about people, meetings, and other events that affect the field.

Online Journal of Issues in Nursing
The Online Journal of Issues in NursingTM is a peer-reviewed, international, online publication that addresses pertinent topics affecting nursing practice, research, education and the wider health care sector. Both Medline and CINAHL index the journal.

Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing
The Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing
provides full text, critical reviews of research pertinent to clinical practice problems that nurses can access and use immediately. By making available timely, synthesized knowledge to guide nursing practice and research, the journal helps the nursing community stay abreast of the vast amount of information published in nursing journals and other published nursing research. The journal is peer-reviewed by teams of clinical specialists and clinical researchers.

On-line Journal of Nursing Informatics
The aim of the On-Line Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI) is to publish peer-reviewed, original, high quality scientific papers, review articles, practice-based articles, and databases related to nursing informatics.

Outcomes Management for Nursing Practice
Outcomes Management for Nursing Practice
will increase the knowledge and skills of nurses in evaluating and managing outcomes related to all aspects of patient care delivery and interdisciplinary teamwork across the continuum of care. Selected topics include, but are not limited to: identifying outcomes to evaluate; choosing and developing sound and reliable measurement instruments and tests; assessing learning of patients and staff; evaluating clinical protocols and programs; managing all aspects of benchmarking and variance analysis; evaluating personnel effectiveness; structuring and implementing performance evaluation; and much more.

Primary Care Practice: A Peer-Reviewed Series
This new newsletter provides practical information for health promotion and wellness strategies in managed care nursing practice. Each issue features a key theme for today’s healthcare practitioner, with articles and related features on that topic and others. Clinical issues tie in with timely events in the media to help you anticipate clients’ questions, and raise patient and family awareness of the importance of preventive care. Quotes, major statistics, and important facts add dimension. Nutrition information, including recipes, rounds out each issue to provide a useful, effective tool for health promotion in one source.