Meet the Board of Directors

Current Officers

President: Penni Lynn Rolen, MSN, APRN, CNS

President-Elect: Laura Goliat, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, ANEF

Vice President: Caitlyn Yeager, PhD, RNC-NIC, CHSE

Treasurer: Gerry Pangrac, AD, RN

Secretary: Michaelle Jones, BSN, RN


Staff Nurse- Valerie Koch, BSN, RN

Staff Nurse- Josephy Roznik, BSN, RN

Administration – Martha Allen, MSN, RN

Administration – Denise Mathews, MSN, RN

Education – Barbara Yoost, MSN, RN

Education – Jillian Russell, MSN, RN, NPD-BC

At Large- Lynn Lotas, PhD, RN, FAAN

At Large- Shelly Malberti, DNP, RN

Executive Director: Carol Sams, MSN, RN, ANP-BC Retired

Nominating Committee

Staff Nurse- Consuella Albright, MSN, RN

Administration – Janet Baker, DNP, RN

Education– Cathy Mohney, MSN, RN

At Large– Janterria Matthews, DNP, RN

Thank you to our outgoing officers for all their dedication and hard work this past year! You all contributed to a successful year for GCNA:

  • Officers:
  • Vice President- Anna Goldman, MSN, RN
  • Secretary- Marybeth Anderson Keppler, BSN, RN
  • Directors:
  • Staff Nurse- vacant
  • Administration – Doricia Strickland, MSN, RN
  • Education – Catherine Mohney, MSN, RN
  • At Large- Janterria Matthews, DNP, RN
  • Nominating Committee:
  • Staff Nurse- Gerry Pangrac, RN
  • Administration – Patricia Sharpnack, DNP, RN
  • Education- vacant
  • At Large-Sandy Levine, BSN, RN

Responsibilities of the Board

  • Transact the business of the Association between meetings.
  • Establish major administrative policies governing the affairs of the Association and devise, coordinate and supervise measures for the Association’s growth and development.
  • Exercise all powers of the Association not reserved in the Bylaws to the voting body, the officers, and/or other units of the Association.
  • Provide for such work of the officers and committees as may be deemed expedient; provide for the proper care of materials, equipment, and funds of the Association, for the
  • Payment of legitimate expenses, for the annual auditing or reviewing of all books of account by a certified public accountant, and for the investment of funds of the Association.
  • Establish, review and update changes regarding personnel policies, job descriptions and salaries.
  • Appoint committees, task forces and ad hoc groups unless otherwise specified in the Bylaws, and coordinate their activities.
  • Make all other appointments not otherwise provided for and fill vacancies as necessary and as provided for in these Bylaws.
  • Determine the date and place of each meeting of the Association and of the Board of Directors.
  • Provide for the establishment and dissolution of organized clinical, occupational and special interest units, considering such recommendations as may come form the members.
  • Approve fund raising activity prior to the initiation of same by any unit of the Association.
  • Provide for representation at meetings of voluntary organizations, public or governmental agencies upon request or as deemed appropriate.
  • Report to the Association membership at each regular meeting the business transacted between meetings.

Contact the GCNA office for meeting locations and dates:

Call/text (216) 771-6922 or