Ohio Nurses Foundation Scholarships

  • Accepted until January 15, 2020
  • Awarded at the Nurses Choice Awards and Scholarship Luncheon
  • April 2020, Columbus, OH
Ohio Nurses Foundation Scholarships 2020        
Hague Memorial Scholarship:
For a graduate nursing student who is an aspiring nurse leader.

Minority Scholarship:
For students who are pursuing their first nursing degree that leads to RN licensure; live in the state of Ohio and are of a minority race.
Hayward Memorial Scholarship:
For RNs preparing to teach nursing.

Traditional Nursing Student Scholarship:  For students who do not have breaks longer than 2 years in their formal education (from high school to college) and have not yet obtained a degree

RNs Majoring in Nursing:
For students that are already RNs who want to advance the profession of nursing in Ohio.

Students Returning to School for Nursing Scholarship:
For students who have been out of school more than 2 years and are not an RN.